January 8, 2015


After his original owner passed away, Christopher-Robin has found his forever home with a wonderful young family who loves him like crazy. He spends his days surrounded by big windows and lots of light. In the evening, when everyone is home, he lounges with them and gets lots of attention. Christopher-Robin, our own sweet little boy has a great new life.


After being dumped on the streets, Sadie has found her forever home with a wonderful couple who is in love with her. They lost their two cats last year and had been looking and waiting for ‘the special cat’ that would be part of their family. When they saw Sadie, they knew she was ‘the one’ and she felt the same way. Once Sadie is established in her new home, her parents will look for a feline friend for her. So two cats will get a terrific home!


Collin was just adopted by a wonderful young family. They were looking for a companion for themselves as well as their young cat, dog and rabbit. Collin has found his forever home and is being pampered and loved by his newest two legged and four legged friends. We’re so happy for this little guy.


We found Kristine shivering and starving, right before Christmas. This gorgeous girl has finally found her forever home with a nice couple who are doting on our princess. She has sunny windows to look out of, a new bed, toys and a family who are planning to spoil her rotten — as it should be.

Sadie & Edward

Sadie and Edward were inseperable when they first came to us. Sadie found her forever home first. It took Edward a little longer, but the wait was worth it: he went to the same home! Their owners just sent us a photo of them, snuggling as they used to. Friends forever!

Cayla & Celine

Little Cayla (pictured) and her sister Celine were originally going to be fostered by a family with two little girls. But the girls fell head over heels with these beautiful babies and couldn’t let them go. They’re now enjoying life together as a “fur family.” Look at the smile on Anastasia’s face!


Bucky, now named “Elliot,” was found shivering and starving during a winter storm. He’s since been fattened up, but has been shuttled through five different foster homes. His new mom has had issues of her own: she lost her husband, dog and two cats in the same year (can you imagine??…) and was just now ready to open her heart to a furry friend. Elliot arrived right before Christmas and immediately made himself at home. The first night, he slept on his new mom’s bed and the two have been fast friends ever since. After some tough breaks for both of ‘em, they’ve each found their “other half” and couldn’t be happier!

Yuki & Kuron

Yuki and Kuron were left stranded when their mother went into a home for Alzheimer’s care. For months, they patiently waited at several foster homes, hoping someone would ignore the cute kittens that were everywhere, and give them a chance. Happily for us, Tamara adopted Yuki… then just weeks later, brought Kuron into her home. They have since become part of the family, playing with Tamara’s cat, Knuckles, and giving each other happy cat kisses! These two old friends are so thrilled that they’ve got a second chance together.

Brady the Pug

Brady the pug was desperately in need of a new home, after a new baby and a move were put into the mix. We searched dozens of applications to find him the perfect family. These folks had lost their beloved dog a year earlier and had done their homework on a new pet. Brady fit the bill perfectly for them — and from his reaction when they met, they fit his criteria too. Brady has a nice big yard to run around in, and a family who’s eager to provide him with the care and exercise an energetic boy needs. It’s such a happy ending for this sweet pooch. Yay for Brady!


Cooper was found living in a dirty warehouse. From the jump, he was super-friendly and took to foster care immediately. Several baths later, his beautiful white fur (with just a ginger dusting on top of his head) came through. Everyone who met him fell in love, but one family in particular felt he’d be a perfect companion for their cat. Cooper is loving his cozy new home, where he never has to sleep on a cold floor or struggle for food. Sweet dreams, little man!