Cats for Adoption

Our cats and kittens make the most wonderful companions.  Get to know them by viewing them on our Petfinder page.  We’ve made the information as accurate as possible, but give us a call for the latest details on our friends (and how you can meet them in person).

Click here to complete our Adoption Application.

Because we personally deliver our animals to their new home, we cannot consider any locations too far outside of our immediate area. Please remember, adoption is a lifelong commitment.  Your pets depend on you to make them a part of your family and care for them; in return, they’ll provide years of unconditional love.

Dogs for Adoption

Just because we’re called “C.A.T.S.” doesn’t mean that we’re only about cats!

Our canine friends need help, too. Our adoptable dogs can be viewed on our site. While the information is as accurate as possible, contact us to get the latest details about any of the animals. Once you’ve fallen in love, you’ll begin the adoption process. [NOTE: We personally deliver our animals to their new home, so we can’t consider any locations too far outside of our immediate area.]

Download our Dog Adoption Application, then FAX back to (201) 476-0033.  Of if you prefer, you can scan it and send the PDF back to

Pet Adoption Partners

Please visit our pages with these Pet Adoption Partners for more information about animals waiting for forever homes!

Pet Finder

Adopt A Pet

Pet Finder

Other ways to bring love into your life:

SPONSOR A PET:  If you can’t adopt, you can still show your support for an animal by becoming a sponsor.  It’s easy: just make a monthly donation via PayPal towards their care.  Find a Sponsorship form here.

BECOME A FOSTER PARENT:  We’re desperately in need of temporary homes for our animals.  We supply everything you need — food, litter and medical care — to care for your “guest” until they find their forever family.  Even opening a spare room in your house can save a life.  Find a Foster application here.