Dash’s owner had to surrender him, after she was diagnosed with cancer.  He was NOT happy. For months, our foster volunteers worked to understand his aggression, knowing that a sweet boy lurked beneath his unpredictable behavior.  He was a tough case, but we didn’t give up, and finally, we broke through. Dash is now enjoying life with his new family.  He’s found his happiness — and we have too!


Sweet Molly was moved from pillar to post in her short life.  This loving girl just couldn’t catch a break, being returned to the shelter more than once (because of the adopters, not her). Finally, a woman who had recently lost her kitty companion saw her profile.  The two met and it was love at first sight.  Molly is now enjoying a warm “forever” home and giving her new “mom” lots of love.  The two couldn’t be happier — and neither can we!

Ernest and Daphne

Someone tried to throw these kittens away – literally.  But one of our volunteers heard some pathetic mewing and rescued them, in the nick of time.  After some time spent recuperating and being introduced to other cats (and a dog), Ernest and Daphne found a wonderful new home.  The family had lost one of their beloved cats, and the resident cat was sad.  These two little ones brought her back to life and all three are having a wonderful life together.  She’s taken to them like a mom.  Yay!

Beverly and Spencer

These two little buttons were found in a box, taken in by CATS and given lots of love and care.  After a few months in foster care, a young couple eager to add two fur-babies to their home met them and fell in love.  The couple had never owned cats before, but our trained volunteers walked them through every step, showing them how to trim nails, the best kinds of toys and how kittens love boxes (see the photo).  Beverly and Spencer are now treasured members of the family, having converted two more to being “cat people.”


Raiden was picked up off the street by a kind woman who took pity on this tiny, abandoned kitten.  He got wonderful medical care from C.A.T.S. and lots of love in his foster home. Recently, he was adopted by a woman who had lost her cat of many years.  Her husband said she was so depressed, but once Raiden came into their lives, she regained her smile.  This wonderful little man is enjoying big sunny windows, lots of playtime and belly rubs!


Bonnie is a beautiful 9 year old Bouvier des Flanders — but her family had to give her up. They looked EVERYWHERE for a group that would help rehome their pretty girl — but were declined at every turn. Euthanasia was even suggested for this perfectly healthy animal. But CATS stepped up and worked tirelessly to find Bonnie a great new home. We just got this picture from her thrilled new “parents.” Hooray for Bonnie!


After his original owner passed away, Christopher-Robin has found his forever home with a wonderful young family who loves him like crazy. He spends his days surrounded by big windows and lots of light. In the evening, when everyone is home, he lounges with them and gets lots of attention. Christopher-Robin, our own sweet little boy has a great new life.


After being dumped on the streets, Sadie has found her forever home with a wonderful couple who is in love with her. They lost their two cats last year and had been looking and waiting for ‘the special cat’ that would be part of their family. When they saw Sadie, they knew she was ‘the one’ and she felt the same way. Once Sadie is established in her new home, her parents will look for a feline friend for her. So two cats will get a terrific home!


Collin was just adopted by a wonderful young family. They were looking for a companion for themselves as well as their young cat, dog and rabbit. Collin has found his forever home and is being pampered and loved by his newest two legged and four legged friends. We’re so happy for this little guy.


We found Kristine shivering and starving, right before Christmas. This gorgeous girl has finally found her forever home with a nice couple who are doting on our princess. She has sunny windows to look out of, a new bed, toys and a family who are planning to spoil her rotten — as it should be.