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Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic For CATS a Success!

It was a busy day on April 21st, as C.A.T.S. volunteers and the medical staff of Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital worked to spay and neuter a number of cats in our area who otherwise might not have been. All told, 49 cats were altered, including some feral cats. This will go a long way to helping reduce overpopulation and its sad consequences. Below are some photos of this great day. C.A.T.S. wants to thank everyone who helped this event, and the wonderful staff of FLAH who made it possible. 1)  FLAH staff and C.A.T.S. volunteers helping revive the kitties. The device with the hose blows warm air onto a pad to help warm the animals up and bring them around after the surgery. They got mani-pedi’s while they were still under! 2)  Some pet parents taking their fur babies home after a long day. All patients got ice cream that night (not really).  3)  Dr. Alan Pomerantz of Franklin Lakes Animal Hospital attending to one of his furry patients. All told, 49 animals were treated.

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