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Renovated Resale Shop Has Reopened!

December 20, 2006 • WESTWOOD

BY Kathryn A. Burger of Community Life


The C.A.T.S – Caring About The Strays – Resale Shop is celebrating it’s grand re-opening. The newly renovated shop, at 80 Kinderkamack Road, offers a variety of items, including jewelry, furniture, artwork, decorative, gift and vintage items as well as clothing, handbags and collectibles.

Founded by Lynn Cancro in 1995, C.A.T.S is a non-profit organization dedicated for providing of the well-being of the communities homeless animals and placing them in loving permanent homes. The organization hopes to establish a cage-less no kill adoption center to house rescued cats. A foster program for dogs is also a goal.

Cancro spoke with passion about another goal for the organization: an educational program for students in area schools. “We want children to understand the responsibilities of pet ownership and the commitment it represents and help them understand that all animals should be treated with respect.”

Financial support for these endeavors comes from monetary donations and fund-raising events in addition to the resale shop. All donations including goods donated to the shop are tax deductible.

On a recent visit to the shop, a wide variety of holiday items were on display and several adult cats all friendly, well groomed and healthy, sauntered about or sunned themselves on carpet covered perches. All the cats available at the shop are up for adoption. A sleek ebony black cat was stretched out on the counter. Cancro introduced him as “Jordan.” When she spoke to the cat, there was an immediate reaction from Jordan. He rose slowly, stretched, arching his back and them composing himself, moved closer to Cancro. They were literally nose to nose and clearly communicating. “He’s my boy” Cancro said

Even after all these years of fostering and then adopting out cats, Cancro still finds it difficult to part with some of her charges and she can’t adopt them all herself. “He’s so special. He deserves a good, loving home and I’m going to be sure he gets one. But I’m going to miss him so…” she said, her voice trailing off. Meanwhile, Jordan began making small sounds – not full “meows” – but little throatly noises that, of course got Cancro’s attention. She immediately turned her attention back to him, which, of course, was exactly what he wanted. One need not to be a cat lover to appreciate the obvious bond they have formed.

Volunteers are always needed and there are a number of ways to support the organization. At the shop, task include waiting on customers and ringing up sales, creating merchandise displays and dressing the windows, tagging and pricing merchandise, and socializing and playing with the foster cats. Participating in the planning and the production of fund-raising events, performing light maintenance and becoming a foster guardian, caring for homeless animals in one’s home until they are adopted are other volunteer opportunities.

The shop is open Monday through Saturday from 10am – 5pm. Donations of items for sale are accepted during shop hours. Rescued cats and kittens are available for adoption at the shop and/or nearby-by foster homes. The shop is located just south of the Kinderkamack Road/Old Hook Road intersection; turn right at the corner of Kinderkamack and Kingsberry Avenue. For further information, call Cancro, at the shop, at 201-666-5444.